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William and Mary Corcoran Craft Award

Arts patrons William and Mary Corcoran established the William and Mary Corcoran Craft Fund to encourage excellence in crafts. Each year prizes are awarded to students graduating from Sheridan College in the disciplines of glass, textiles, furniture and ceramics. 

The education and support Mary Corcoran received as a student at Sheridan College made a great impact on her life, so it is fitting that William and Mary are providing ongoing support to an area of the arts that have greatly enriched their lives.


Prize per category:  $750.00

Current Recipients
Glass - Giovanni Emilio Buda
Ceramics – Emily Schneider
Furniture – Natalie Sirianni
Textile – Juliana Scherzer
Industrial Desgin - Neil Smith


Samples of work by the 2018 William and Mary Corcoran Craft Award in Ceramics
recipient Emily Schneider

Past Recipients

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