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Planned giving is an important part of every arts organization's fundraising initiatives.  Meeting the needs and expectations of your donors while aligning their wishes with your organization's goals can be challenging.  We are here to help. 

Outlined below are a few tools to help make the conversations you have with your donors a little easier.  A long-term fund at the Ontario Arts Foundation is one way to help achieve donor peace of mind and the satisfaction of knowing that their legacies will be prudently managed now and in the years to come.


 White Label Brochure
 Planned Giving | Endowment Gifts
 (for arts organizations holding an endowment fund with the Ontario Arts Foundation) 

 Word version
 PDF version

 Feel free to download this template brochure and adapt it for your organization's materials.

Planned Giving 

Planned Giving:  Legal Issues to Consider
When planning a gift to an organization, it is important to consider the terms of your gift and to consult with your legal/ tax advisor to ensure that your gift will be used as you intend. You also need to identify any restrictions regarding how and when the organization will use your gift. 
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Planned Giving:  Attracting Legacy | The Conversation
Many prospective donors already support you financially, are conscientious volunteers and respond to special appeals. Whether the dollar amounts are large or small, their commitment to your arts vision is deep and longstanding. 

Planned Giving:  The Psychology of Giving

Effective donor fundraising is one the most critical factors in determining an arts organization’s immediate and long-term success. Just as you have many conversations and initiate different campaigns, your donors make their gifts for numerous reasons. 
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Planned Giving:  Wills and Bequests
There are many ways to support an arts organization through a donor’s estate planning. The simplest is a bequest, which is a gift made by a Will.
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Long-Term Funds

Long-Term Fund:  What's Involved in Establishing a Long-Term Fund?
Long-term funds are an important tool for established arts organizations who receive financial support that is intended to support its financial sustainability. The capital is held separately from operating funds, and the organization can rely on it to generate a predictable source of income through market returns. 
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Long-Term Fund:  All long-term funds are not created equal
Because long-term funds can be set up in various ways and have varying degrees of flexibility to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, it’s necessary to think through the details very carefully. 
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Long-Term Fund:  Matching Campaign
Fundraising campaigns can leverage major gifts in several ways. One of the most successful strategies is to issue ‘matching ‘ challenges, where a key donor promises to match funds raised, usually to a specified level and within a certain timeframe. 
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