Corporate Philanthropy

Tips for running a successful matching campaign

There are many ways of structuring a matching campaign. One way of multiplying the effect of your corporate philanthropy is to involve your employees and shareholders. You create a fund and identify an annual amount you will donate to an arts organization if the amount is matched by individual donations to the arts by your employees and shareholders. 

The broad overview:

Secure the fund and establish the amount you are willing put up for matching from your fund. Consider tailoring the amount to your audience who will support the initiative. The matching goal should be a challenge, but be understood as reasonable and attainable by all interested parties.

Broadcast the challenge so all potential supporters will know. To broaden the support, this can include communications through the arts organization(s) you intend to benefit.

Time stamp the initiative and put a time limit on the matching donation from your fund to establish a sense of urgency to act now

Match the result. If the campaign is very successful, you will have to decide whether an oversubscription will be fully matched. Equally, if the contributions fall slightly short, you can consider keeping the original commitment, or match the donations and save the difference for a future year.


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