Corporate Philanthropy

Have you thought about setting up a corporate foundation or awards/scholarship fund?

If you are a business owner or staff member charged with corporate philanthropy, the Ontario Arts Foundation can help you plan and implement a philanthropic strategy to align with your corporate strategy while supporting the arts. We will leverage our knowledge and connections across all the arts disciplines in Ontario to help you determine where best to focus your philanthropic dollars. 

Your support may take any combination of the following forms:

Advised funds: Your company establishes a fund and we work with you to identify which arts organizations will receive financial support.

Awards or scholarships: If your company wants to recognize excellence and achievement by individual artists, we can work with you to articulate the guidelines, and then administer the selection and jury process on your behalf. The business receives the recognition for establishing and funding the award

An advised fund might be established and funded by stock options to maximize tax efficiency for shareholders.

Matching programs: A matching program can have great power and impact.  We can help you structure a matching program and then administer it on your behalf. These programs can take many forms; for example, you might contribute funds to a certain level to match arts related donations made by employees and shareholders. A matching fund with an external focus can give you a higher profile in the community: you might offer to match funds (to a certain level) raised by a particular arts organization from amongst its donors.

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