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The 2004 K.M. Hunter Artists Awards

The 2004 K.M. Hunter Artists Awards
-  "Supporting the emerging artist." -

Toronto, April 26, 2004 ó The K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation is proud to announce the winners of the annual K.M. Hunter Artists Awards.  

DANCE CO-WINNERS: Kate Alton and Michael Trent    
LITERATURE:                  Nila Gupta
MUSIC:                              Quinsin Nachoff
THEATRE:                        Marjorie Chan
VISUAL ARTS:                 June Pak

Host Laurie Brown introduced this year's winners at a reception at The Indian Motorcycle Club.  The evening included video performances of this year's recipients and the mention of a new category film/interdisciplinary creation to be added to the five pre-existing categories in 2005.  The six artists join the more than thirty previous recipients who have gone on to distinguish themselves in their respective fields. 

Now in its ninth year, The K.M. Hunter Artists Awards are five awards of $8000 each for artists living in Ontario in each of the fields of dance, literature, music, theatre and visual arts.

Martin Hunter, the son of Kenneth Martin Hunter and a theatrical director keenly interested in the arts, established The K.M. Hunter Artists Awards in 1996 as a way to support younger artists at a critical point in their development.  They are awarded annually to artists who have completed their professional training and have begun to establish themselves and make an impact in their chosen field.  Unlike many awards that are for the well-established artist, these awards are intended to give younger artists the recognition and encouragement to continue with their work. They are given to people who have demonstrated both talent and the potential for further development. Imagination, originality and the determination to achieve are taken into consideration.

The K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation is named after the late Kenneth Martin Hunter, a Toronto businessman who was the major shareholder in the Buntin Reid Paper Company Limited, as a means of contributing to the welfare of the community in which he had lived and worked for the majority of his life. This foundation is well-known for its regular and generous grants, donations and awards primarily in the areas of medical research and social welfare. Since the Foundation's inception in 1966, approximately $6 million has been given out in grants, donations and awards.  Martin and his daughter Sarah Hunter are continuing to support these fields, and have added with projects in the areas of nature conservation, international development and cultural activities.

The K.M. Hunter Artists Awards are administered by the Ontario Arts Council Foundation, a public charitable foundation that encourages and facilitates private giving to the arts. Winners are selected by juries of experienced artists from applicants recommended by Ontario Arts Council juries.

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